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The Mindful Minute – Autumn 2020

The Mindful Minute – Autumn 2020

The wild horses of the Southwest span the entire Four Corners area and the closest mustangs to Durango are only about three hours away! The Spring Creek Basin Mustangs are located in the Spring Creek Basin which lies within the Disappointment Valley, which lies between Norwood and Dove Creek, Colorado. The herd descends from a group of horses that was once owned by a retired officer of the Army, who also happened to be a horse thief. The horses have Spanish and Draft horse blood, which has translated to thick bones and a stout profile.

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The Mindful Minute – Summer 2020

The Mindful Minute – Summer 2020

Horses have slowly evolved into the magnificent creatures they are today. For example, the horse initially had four functional toes. Even more, before their evolution, horses were about the size of a fox. Can you imagine — tons of tiny, four-toed ponies running around?!

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The Mindful Minute – Spring 2020

The Mindful Minute – Spring 2020

While we start getting our horses legged-up and ready for fun spring time shows, it is of the utmost importance to develop a horse with whom, together, we may easily reach a “forward and downward” frame.

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Bailey has been my riding instructor for about a year. During this time I have learned more about horses and riding than ever before! She is great at giving clear instructions that make sense and that are creative and fun. Her way of teaching is more fair towards the horse, and works better. Bailey is a very experienced equestrian. She genuinely cares about the horses and always puts safety in first place.

Elin Mischler

I like Bailey teaching me because she’s nice and patient. She goes slow not too fast with her teaching. Bailey makes it fun and she’s creative. It’s really fun to ride with her. I look forward to it every week.

Olivia Kuchler

Bailey is such a wonderful teacher. She is very patient when it comes to new riders and I adore that about her. I look forward to each lesson because I know I will be learning something new every time! Along with in person lessons, Bailey also has Podcasts and YouTube videos that allow you to learn about riding at home. Every episode she creates has fun and new creative content. Overall I really love how confident and knowledgeable I have become when riding and I owe that all to Bailey. I am extremely grateful to have her as a teacher.

Sarah Moore

She is excellent for starting colts…my youngster is 5 years old was just ground broke…since the first ride…Baily has her confidence at a high level….The horse is happy trying new things…


Bailey’s compassion and extensive skills are just what I needed to take my riding to next levels. Her passion for horses and riding is invigorating, inspiring and contagious. Bailey loves to ride and loves to teach all ages– from very young to the never-too-old-to-learn-new-tricks (my post-menopausal mantra). I experienced some childhood equine traumas (anyone relate??), and suffice it to say, with Bailey’s perfect blend of compassion and encouragement, at 54 years old, I am out there jumping on the trails like I was never able to accomplish as a teenager. Unbelievable!
Bailey’s background and knowledge is extensive and impressive. Bailey is an effective, solid, dependable and inspiring trainer. I wholeheartedly and will forever recommend her.

Mimi Gates

Bailey is a very very nice teacher and she’s very very patient, she is awesome I think Bailey is the best because she teaches me and she was actually the first person who taught me how to jump and cantor. It is really really fun!!!

Like Agatha said: Bailey is great, she has so much energy, always smiling and in a good mood. She is always teaching Agatha not just horse 🐎 riding but also about the terrain, the horse 🐎 , management… Agatha looks forward to riding horses 🐎 with Bailey, she could do all day long.

Agatha and Mom

Having nine horses and a couple that need work, including a two year old Iberian sport horse stallion, I was looking for help with work and training my horses. Bailey comes highly recommended. She has proven a wonderful help with my horses this summer. Bailey started riding one of my young mares that hasn’t been worked in years and she also began groundwork with my two-year-old. This proved to be so helpful that I also had her work with a senior stallion that I did not have time for. She has also assisted in the breeding and handling of another stallion throughout the season. With Bailey’s help we have been able to condition and train five of my horses over the summer. This has been absolutely wonderful and I can’t sing enough praises for Bailey!

Robin Williams, Bayfield


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Saturday, September 19, 2020

JUMPER SCHOOLING DAY @ KZ Eventing/Outlaw Trails Ranch

Sunday, October 25, 2020

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About Mindful Equine

Bailey grew up fox hunting ponies and off-the-track Thoroughbreds over the rolling hills of Virginia with the historic Deep Run Hunt Club and Reedy Creek Hounds. She worked with amazing instructors like Kim Severson (***** Eventer and Olympic medalist), Molly Hooper-Bull (**** Eventer), Kim Schmidt (Grand Prix Dressage Trainer and Rider), and Lynne Beagle-Gebhardt (Fox Hunter and Hunt Seat). She very quickly developed a love of three-day eventing at an early age and competed through the levels, achieving high scores and successful runs at prestigious events including Fair Hill International Horse Trials (MD), the Virginia Horse Trials, Middleburg Horse Trials, and Plantation Field Horse Trials. Along with competing, Bailey has achieved her C-3 rating with the United States Pony Club and has gone to USPC Championships representing Mountain Skyline Pony Club on teams in the disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, and Horse Management.

Bailey worked as a working student for Grand Prix and International competitors along the East Coast for five years before managing sales barns and training professionally.
Working with “problem” horses comes easily for Bailey, and while she achieved her Bachelor’s of Science in Equine Science at Colorado State University, Bailey worked concurrently full-time for local rescues and lesson programs on the Front Range. For the past five years, Bailey has been working with private owners creating training programs specially tailored to each horse’s requirements and specific goals. Mindful Equine has developed as a mindset to connect each horse to their rider with the crucial element of focus being clear and effective communication where the horse enjoys performing and the rider always has a smile on their face!